Cindy Suggests: Moving Tips

Cindy Myer, Ridgewood Moving Services

Moving means making a serious transition. Even though individuals work hard to make sure their “big day” goes well, mistakes do happen. Listed below are some of my favorite suggestions:

Don’t Trash the Move by Moving your Trash: Start preparing for your move as soon as you decide to relocate. Staging ones home for sale begins the process of eliminating clutter and a great time to throw out. It’s amazing how much stuff we do accumulate over the years, we all do it and moving gives us a great excuse to visit that garbage can. You will be saving yourself money and time Inflatable Water Game!

Be Organized: I suggest prior to a move you purchase a binder, folder or portable file case that can be used for centralizing your important papers. A one stop place that you’ll be able to find documents, bills, prescriptions, bank records, keys, etc. any items you’ll need while going through the moving process.

Communication: A good question to ask your Moving Consultant during the estimate is how does the office handle communication between the customer (or shipper) and the moving crew. For example; one of our clients told me on an estimate that she was allergic to peanuts. As I spoke to her further, I found out that even if she comes in contact with an item that someone touched that just ate a food product with peanuts, she could get severely ill. At Ridgewood Moving Service, we have a drivers sheet that is includes all the important correspondence between the sales/office and movers. In addition, the paper work is looked over by operations and key issues written on the job board. The crew leader becomes aware of all the details prior to the move. This includes materials needed for the move as well as concerns of the clients.

Personal Items: If you have sentimental items, jewelry, a favorite photo, etc. that means a great deal to you, move it yourself. For your own peace of mind, I suggest you move these items of extreme personal value.

Donate: When a client is moving into a smaller space they often have the problem of having too much furniture, whether it’s a home or business. There are so many charitable organizations ready and willing to take these items off your hands. I have a Resource List available if you need some ideas. Email me; and I’ll email this list to you. This resource list was provided to me from one of my Professional Organizer friends and I find it to be very useful.

EBay: I recently sold my swing set and trampoline that was unused in my back yard for years. This is a great avenue to get rid of back yard clutter, make some money and save the expense of having someone disassemble these items for you. I use a woman who specializes in the sales process from the listing to all of the correspondence and just takes a fraction of the sale. I can share her name with you or if you have the time, do it yourself!!

Staging: Since I’m in the process of selling my home and downsizing, I feel I can share through personal experience. Before I even put my house on the market, I started shopping around. What I discovered was interesting! There were so many homes on the market with so much clutter, filth and quite outdated and still commanding a pretty hefty price. The homes that I visited that were neat, freshly painted and de-personalized were appealing. I suggest, before you even consider putting your house on the market, you look into “staging”, whether it’s through a professional or just by your own research, it is worth the time. A few brush strokes can add many dollars to the sale of your home or business. In addition, when the time comes to get ready for your move, you’ve gone through much of the cleansing process already.

Cost Effective: The most cost effective move is the one that is boxed up and ready to go on moving day. Loose items such as wall hangings, art work, pictures, lamps, cords and all loose contents are packed up. A local move is usually based on time therefore, the more prepared the quicker the moving process will be. All the moving crew will need to do is prep for the move by wrapping the furniture and any other floor, door or wall protection needed for a smooth move out. At destination, make sure that someone is present to direct the movers. If boxes are labeled and clear and you have pre-determined where items are to go, you’ll have a nice transition.

Packing: The most common issue that I see when dealing with a move is the packing part. Many times a client will have all good intentions of packing everything but life gets in the way. We try to anticipate what we reasonably think the client will get to and what we may have to pack up the day of the move. Ridgewood Moving has been in business for over 40 years, seeing the same scenario occur time and time again. Ridgewood Moving provides a packing service with a team of “women” packers. They can pack up the entire home or business or just a portion. The Moving Consultant can provide you with an estimate for a full or partial pack upon request.

Recycled Boxes: We have been thinking green long before it was chic! After a move we pick up used boxes and bring them back to our warehouse. Theses boxes are offered to our customers free and we feel it’s a great service and environmentally friendly at the same time. I suggest you take advantage of any moving company that offers this service. We recycle used paper as well, when available. This unprinted paper or newsprint is used for breakables.

Another packing tip: I suggest when packing dishes and breakables you use a “dish pack”. These boxes are of heavier weight and marked with arrows facing upward. When using these boxes; place heavier pieces on the bottom, layer with lots of paper, then wrap dishes then place in box like a dishwasher (vertically), place another layer of paper then place light cups or tea cups on top. Professional movers will know that fragile items are in these boxes and will handle with the utmost of care.

Our promise: We are interested in doing business with you today, next year and ten years from now. To that end our commitment is to offer the highest level of professional service, with the cleanest, safest and most organized environment for all your important “stuff” – from the contents of your home to special collectibles from your office furnishings and equipment, to your excess inventory.

Cynthia A. Myer
WBENC Certified

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